carwow 新型ベンテイガ 日本語訳  新しいベンテイガはカリナンよりすごい?!前半 New Bentley Bentayga 2021 – better than a Rolls-Royce Cullinan?

New Bentley Bentayga 2021 – better than a Rolls-Royce Cullinan?


0.Intro イントロ
1.Styling  スタイリング
2.Interior インテリア
3.Headlights  ヘッドライト

4.Infotainment 情報と娯楽のための機器

5.Chassis 機体、足回り

6.Engines エンジン

7.Seats 座席

8.Driving 運転

9.Upgrades 改善機能

10.Price and Release date 価格と発売日



no matter how luxurious you reckon something is there’s always a way to improve it. take the Bentley Bentayga for example that was just about the poshest SUV in the world when it came out but now Bentley reckons it can do better. probably because rolls-royce went and made its own SUV the Cullinan so Bentley’s given the Bentayga a makeover. and here the call top 10 things you need to know about it.









the old Bentayga wasn’t exactly a subtle looking thing was it but Bentley’s gone and given the new car an even bolder design. thanks to a as Bentley cause it prouder taller and more self-confident front end what the heck does that mean was that necessary. that’s like giving a rhino a self-help book. anyway what they mean is that they’ve made the grill larger and moved it higher up so it’s even more imposing the vents underneath have been remodeled a bit too and you can get the Bentayga with a set of new other well design. Bentayga’s also been busy round the back end. in fact they’ve changed every single panel on the Bentayga’s rear despite this it still produces exactly the same amount of lift and drag as the old car which is probably quite a lot. I mean just look at the size of it. the brake lights are also new and they follow the shape of the ones you get on a Continental GT and Flying Spur. the exhaust pipes are larger as well and Bentley’s given the Bentayga a full width boot lid probably so is easier to fill width priceless works of art or something not as expensive.









Bentley hasn’t made too many changes to the new bed takers interior after all the old cars cabin was already posh enough to rival Buckingham Palace. so rather than completely redesign it they’ve just given it a few nips and tucks by changing the wallpaper in a stately home rather than completely redecorating. the design of the seats is new and the steering wheel has been tweaked slightly to make it a bit modern the old car circular air vents you know the ones that like they belong on a classic speedboat have also gone. now you get a one-piece central air vent with a built-in Breitling clock on the dashboard.the door trims have also been revamped and Bentley’s replaced the old handles with some plusher horizontal door poles still you can’t get in with doors that close themselves like in a Rolls Royce. if you click on the pop-up bar in the top right hand corner of the screen you can watch more review of the rolls-royce.






古典的なモーターボートにあるような円形の通気孔もなくなっています。 これで、ダッシュボードにブライトリングの時計が組み込まれた一体型の中央通気孔が得られます。

ドアトリムも刷新され、ベントレーは古いハンドルをいくつかの豪華な水平ドアポールに置き換えましたが、ロールスロイスのように自動で閉じるドアではありません。 画面の右上隅にあるポップアップバーをクリックすると、ロールスロイスのレビューをさらに見ることができます。



the old Bentayga’s crystal glass headlights were some of the coolest of any new car. but there they even managed to upgrade these for the new model for a start. they get a new slightly elliptical design and come with LED matrix technology borrowed from the Continental GT and Flying Spur. Bentley has also moved the lights up on the Bentayga’s face by 30 millimaters. so now they peer down on other cars with even more disdain. not content with just that Bentley’s also upgraded the water jets that clean, them no they don’t squirt vintage cognac all over your car, but they are heated and come with 22 individual nozzls to produce the amount of spray that ends up on your car’s paint work so that’ll be less for Jeeves to clean then won’t it.





ベントレーはまた、ベンテイガの顔のライトを30mm上に移動しました。 なので今や、彼らは他の車をさらに軽蔑してじっと見下ろしています。





Bentley might have a reputation for being a bit old-fashioned but then he bent a you gets plenty of high-tech infotainment features. now you get Android auto for the first time and wireless apple carplay. you also get a fully digital drivers display instead of the old cars analog dials. just like in the Flying Spur the removable 5 inch tablet screens for the backseat are bigger than ever. and there’s wireless phone charging and a load of USB seaports as standard. Bentley’s also beefed at the Bentayga’s stereo. the old cause optional 590 watt signature system is now standard and you can upgrade to a 1780 watt name audio unit with 20 speakers if you want team. this also gets a set of super tweeters they might sound like Donald Trump social media acount. But they’re special speakers that deliver clear high frequency sound without hurting your ears. so they’re not like Trump at all then are they.




以前のアナログダイヤルの代わりに、完全にデジタル化されたドライバーディスプレイを利用できます。 フライングスパーと同様、後部座席用の取り外し可能な5インチのタブレット画面はこれまでになく大きくなっています。 ワイヤレス電話の充電とUSBシーポートの装填も標準装備です。

ベントレーもベンテイガのステレオで強化されています。 それが古い原因となっているオプションの590ワットのsignatureシステムは、標準になりました。
しかし、これらはあなたの耳を傷つけることなくクリアな高周波音を届ける特別なスピーカーです。 なので、トランプのようではありませんでしたね。



if a Range Rover is a Belgravia townhouse then the Bentayga is Windsor Castle it is simply vast. now though Ben has gone one better and made even bigger. and they haven’t changed the bumpers or the roof. but the wheels for this new car each wheel sticks out 20 millimeters further than before to fill the Bentayga massive wheel arches a bit better right because that’s what been taken needed to be even wider. now Bentley says this isn’t just the looks it also helps make them Bentayga a bit more stable at high speed. you better remember to watch out for with restrictors though one false move could absolutely ruin those massive 22 inch alloy wheels.



レンジローバーがベルグレービア(ロンドンの高級住宅地)のタウンハウスである場合、ベンテイガはウィンザー城であり、それはただただ広大です。 ベンテイガのほうは1段階進化し、さらに大きくなりましたが。

ベンテイガのバンパーや屋根は変わっていません。 しかし、この新しくなった車のホイールは、ベンテイガの巨大なホイールアーチを埋めるために、以前よりも20mm大きくなっています。これは、タイヤの幅を広くする必要があるためです。 現在、ベントレーは、これは見た目だけではなく、高速でベンテイガをもう少し安定させるのにも役立つと言います。